Spotify Premium

It looks like the loss of Taylor Swift has caused Spotify to take drastic measures to get customers back on their platform. (I hope you can smell the sarcasm in my breath in that statement.) Spotify is, however, offering an incredible deal to all music loving Smashers. You can get access to their premium membership for 3 months for only $0.99! That is compared to their regular $9.99 per month price. That’s over 97% off! We figured we better let you in on the action.

A premium membership allows you to download music to your devices for offline play, eliminates advertisements, and gives you unlimited skips; providing on demand access to their database of tens of millions of songs. This offer is going to be available through the end of the year.

As to my initial statement, it is unlikely that this is in direct response to Taylor Swift removing her music. She wasn’t even in the top 5 most listened to artists on Spotify. I’m sure Spotify is doing just fine. I’m actually listening to them now.

You can gain access to this offer within the Spotify application if you are already a free user, or on their homepage at What are your thoughts on the offer? Are you willing to sacrifice one of your seven rodeo burgers you were going to buy tonight for 3 months of musical chair goodness? Do you think this may actually be a result of losing Taylor Swift? Let us know in the comments below!