Remember how great it felt the last time you were bloated? Neither do I, because being bloated sucks. Apple is jumping on the bloatware bandwagon in an attempt to increase adoption of its recently acquired streaming music service, “Beats Music.” The Financial Times initially reported of an inside source claiming that an upcoming iOS release will come with the Beats application pre-installed and undeletable.

Apple acquired Beats earlier this year from legendary rapper Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. This marks the first initiative that Apple is taking at chipping away at the market share that Spotify currently dominates. It’s abundantly clear that Apple’s hopes are that by getting the application in front of more consumers they are more likely to increase their subscriber count.

Beats music has been struggling to gain subscribers since launch. Contrary to the half a million subscribers claimed by Iovine, a leaked document showed that the service only had around 110,000 subscribers back in May of this year. That is compared to the 10 million paid and 40 million free subscribers of Spotify.

It’s apparent that Apple is looking to recoup some of its investment so that they can continue to evolve the music industry. As everything is moving towards streaming and downloading music, iTunes is becoming a thing of the past. What once was the iPhone and iPod blazing trails in the evolution of music, Apple is now struggling to keep up as competitors and innovators are changing the landscape of the way we listen to music. While this change is bound to frustrate some users, hopefully it does gain some momentum so that Apple can use their talented brains to build upon and innovate the way we listen to music.

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