Force Touch

It’s summertime, and what better way to enjoy your summer than to hear the latest Apple Rumors? According to Bloomberg, Apple has started production on a new iPhone Model. This new model will incorporate technology known as Force Touch, which is already utilized in Apple’s Apple Watch and the newest MacBook. 

Force Touch is a technology that Apple uses to sense the amount of force that is being applied to the device. Measuring the amount of force gives Apple the ability to present a new range of functionality. For instance, Apple can present different controls and apps depending on how much pressure you use. This new technology is Apple’s “next big thing” (Samsung motto) and hopes it will set them apart from the competition. 

While Force Touch appears to be a great technology that can be utilized in your phone, it is difficult to see how useful it will be. It almost feels like Apple is trying to take a page out of Samsung’s book by creating different “gestures” to perform different tasks.  While the gesture is significantly different (more simple) than what Samsung has done, the result is the same, to create one motion that will accomplish a specific task. However, the Force Touch technology is much easier to use and will probably not fail like most of Samsung’s gestures have.

I don’t claim to be a touch screen expert, but I find it interesting that Apple is pushing Force Touch so hard. Yes, the concept is cool, but it seems that a similar technology is already being utilized. For example, when you are on a document or web page and you hold your finger down on a word, you have the ability copy or define what you have selected. What is stopping Apple, Samsung, Google or any other manufacturer to programming your phone to be able to perform the same functions that Force Touch can do, but utilizing the length of time you are holding your finger on the screen? 

Keep in mind that what we think we know at this time are still rumors, and don’t expect Apple to state they are planning on incorporating Force Touch into their next iPhone until the new phone is officially unveiled. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think Force Touch is the “next big thing”, or do you think Force Touch will just be a gimmick? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.