If you are looking for a great deal on a smartphone this Black Friday, you do not need to search long. Microsoft has dropped the price on their AT&T%20Nokia Lumia 635 – No Contract GoPhoneNokia Lumia 635 from $99 to an amazing $39. What makes this an even greater deal is, this is a non-contract price meaning you do not need to use your upgrade to get in on this great deal.

Currently Microsoft’s website is showing the Nokia Lumia 635 “Out of Stock” but a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET “While we are currently sold out on, we encourage customers to go to their local Microsoft Store where the 635 is in stock. We will also have additional stock for Black Friday in stores and online, but…we expect them to go quickly.”

Best Buy will be selling the Lumia 635 for $40 through AT&T’s GoPhone plan as well. This sale will start on Black Friday and will continue until they run out of phones. 

Here are the specs of the Nokia Lumia 635 for those of you asking:

Nokia Lumia 635

The AT&T%20Nokia%20Lumia 635 – No Contract GoPhoneNokia Lumia 635 is not the sleekest, nor does it have the specs of some of the other higher end phones out there, however, with the $39 price tag the Nokia Lumia 365 is the best bang for your buck, and would be a great smartphone for your kids this holiday season.

You tell us, would you spend $39 on the Nokia Lumia 635? Is the phone worth the price? Let us know in the comment section below.