Kaspersky Lab, an organization dedicated to the cyber-security of the world, has shed some additional light on a current cyber-security threat known as “Dark Hotel” espionage campaigns. These campaigns target high profile individuals such as CEOs, vice presidents, and more to their steal intellectual property and secrets using the hotel’s internet. These attacks occur primarily in luxury hotels where corporate events are frequented.

Kasperski Labs goes on to explain that the culprits behind the scheme have installed malware onto the hotel’s Wi-Fi system that installs a backdoor (a way to gain complete access to your computer) on your system during the Wi-Fi registration process. This is typically done in the disguise of needing a software update for programs such as “Adobe Flash or Window’s Messenger.” Once this is installed, they use what are known as Keyloggers (the ongoing capture of every key press) and other information capturing tools to steal all of the information that they need before the get-away.

Kasperski has even put together a nice info-graphic to better demonstrate how it works. Take a look below:


Courtesy of Kaspersky Lab

Kaperski Labs recommends three primary ways to protect yourself from these threats:

  1. Use a VPN that offers an encrypted connection channel
  2. Be extremely wary of any software that is asking for an update when traveling. Check to ensure it is signed by the vendor prior to installing.
  3. Ensure you have a quality internet security solution that defends you “proactively” as opposed to just a typical antivirus.

These best practices are applicable to anyone, especially if you’re a high profile individual with intellectual property that may be worth something on the black market. Follow the above proposed steps and you’re more likely to avoid such scenarios.