Most Android phones allow you to add up to seven home screens to your phone, which enables you to utilize the space for widgets and frequently used apps. While I don’t personally know anyone who has filled seven pages with apps and widgets, I’m sure you’re out there! But what do you do when you decide to go through some spring cleaning on your phone? Do the unused pages just sit there? Luckily there is a solution! Not only does Android allow you to add pages, they also allow you to remove them. 

If you have unused pages and are looking to get rid of them, follow these easy steps and those pesky extra pages will be gone in no time:

1. Tap the “Home Screen” button to make sure you are on your home screen

2. While on your home screen pinch your fingers together (while touching your screen). As if you were to zoom out on a picture or map

3. Drag any unwanted pages to the trash bin on the top of your screen (image below). 


That’s it, you should no longer have any unused home screens. While you are still in the home screen edit page mode, you also have the ability to add additional home screens by tapping the “+” symbol. Users can also choose a default home screen. This will be the screen that your phone will go to when you select the home button. Simply press the little house on top of the page you would like to make your default home page.  If you do not like how your pages are arranged you can also rearrange your home screens by dragging the desired page in front of or behind other pages. 

While we do not anticipate you having any issues when performing the steps above, please let us know if you do. You can post any questions or concerns in the comment section below.