Today kicks off Infusionsoft’s annual convention where the company inspires small businesses to grow their business and save time with their all-encompasses small business software solution. Aside from telling their story about being reported as a suspected meth lab in their infancy, Kyle Leavitt, Infusionsoft’s Vice President of Product, announced a number of game changing features. These enhancements are poised to re-establish Infusionsoft as an industry leader in CRM, email, and sales automation.

Improved Email Builder

It’s no mystery that Infusionsoft has lagged behind with their email builder. The current email builder has lacked mobile responsive email templates nor pre-built email templates of any kind. Cheaper competitor such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact both come loaded with mobile responsive templates and a myriad of pre-built email templates to start with.

Infusionsoft is taking those best practices a step further with their new email builder tool. This new tool not only makes your emails mobile responsive, but also provides a starting point for a variety of different marketing pieces. Need to send a an email to highlight a new product? Select a new product email and enter the name of your product and the system will generate an email for you to then be fully customized prior to sending to your customers.

Any small business owner will tell you that the most challenging aspect of email marketing is writing copy. With this new feature, business owners will be that much closer to converting leads and growing sales, the stated mission statement of Infusionsoft.

Simplified Campaign Builder

Infusionsoft is an incredible automation engine for email and workflow automation. However, the visual interface has proven intimidating to some. The company announced today that they are simplifying the campaign builder so that launching campaigns requires only a few simple steps. While details were scarce, this was announced as a portion of the technology roadmap for 2015.

Infusionsoft Payments

No longer do small businesses need to go through lengthy approval processes nor deal with hidden and monthly fees. All Infusionsoft customers are pre-approved for the company’s in-house service and only pay on a per transaction fee. (2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee.) The fully integrated payment solution allows business owners to track all sales and provide a higher level of customer service and relevant marketing automation based on purchases.

We will be reporting on Icon all week as the event unfolds. Stay locked to for additional details as they are announced