Making our homes smarter seems to be all the rage as of late. With Amazon’s recent announcement of the Amazon Echo, and the surge of home automation devices, it is clear that home automation is here to stay. (Who knew Disney would predict the future with “Smart House” so many years ago) Keeker, a current Kickstarter project developed by a former Google Product Manager, is looking to make your home even smarter

This little Android powered robot wants to join you in any room and provide you with assistance and media content to bring contentment to your life. Using a combination of sensors, a 360 degree camera, a 3D sound system, and a multi-angle projector; Keeker can follow you around and improve your life in many ways:

Want a new friend to follow you around? Keeker!

Want to lighten the mood? Keeker! 

Want to jam to some 50 Cent with your grandmother? Keeker!

 Improve upon your yoga pants sessions? Keeker!

Not to mention, Keeker will survey your home and provide real time alerts of potential intrusion. 

I’ve only covered a fraction of the ways in which Keeker could improve your life. Check out their pledge page for all the details, specs, and functionality. This device has already received funding nearly 3 times its goal. While no release date nor price was specified, the pledging bonuses lead me to believe this will cost between $2,000 and $3,000 dollars. While a bit pricey for some, this device could replace so many different devices within your home that it might just be worth the switch. 

What do you think of Keeker? Are you glad that it rhymes with speaker? Are all of its functionality and life improvement opportunities worth the value to you? Let us know in the comments below.