Netflix Hack Day

Netflix has changed the way we watch and interact with movies and TV shows. To further innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, Netflix puts on an annual “Hack Day.” This special day allows developers to come up with unique, fun, and sometime functional ideas that could one day be brought to fruition. Others are just crazy enough to generate some chuckles. 

According to Netflix’s blog, “Hack Day is a way for our product development teams to get away from everyday work. It’s a fun, experimental, collaborative, and creative outlet. This time, we had about 70 hacks that were produced by more than 150 engineers and designers.”We’ve taken a look, and there were a lot of great Netflix hacks this year! Here are some of our favorites: Netflix on NES Okay, for you NES fans out there, this one is pretty cool. Here Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, and Carenina Motion took an unmodified NES and were able to hack the system to play Netflix. The video looks incredible/terrible in its 8 bit glory, however, it’s an incredible feat nonetheless! While I don’t know anyone who would give up their current 4k with surround sound setup to watch Netflix on the NES, the idea is sweet nonetheless.

Net the Netflix Cheats
Does your significant other cheat on you with Netflix? Do they watch extra episodes while you are gone? This has probably been the source of countless fights in many relationships. With ‘Net the Netflix Cheats’, you never have to worry about that again!

BEEP (Binge Encouragement and Enforcement Platform)
If you are easily distracted when watching Netflix, this is the hack for you. BEEP simply gets your attention when you start to get distracted by anything around you. If this were a real thing, there would be countless computers and/or TVs thrown out the window! Clever idea though.

Netflix Earth
If you are interested in learning what people around the earth are watching, you will appreciate this hack. Netflix Earth provides real-time playback of what people are watching around the globe.

 These hacks are exciting and amusing, and I am sure many of you would love to see some of them implemented. However, keep in mind these are just hacks. Netflix did state that these hacks “may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day.” We can dream can’t we. 

With that said, what hack would you beg Netflix to bring to the masses? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.