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Charging your iPhone in 5 minutes sounds like a fantasy. The plague of battery life has been the crutch of
Apple has been in a conundrum ever since the Apple Watch’s battery life leaked back in late January. Today, the company officially
Black Friday is coming quick, and we want to make sure that you are prepared before camping in line for 3
A recent experiment by Bitglass, a security firm, has shown just how quickly anyone’s data can proliferate through the cyber underground. To do
Here at TechSmash we are continually looking for interesting technology. Lately, we have featured some crazy wearable technology like AIM, wearable microchips, and AIRE. Now we
It’s hard to imagine a world minus the impact that Microsoft has made. While Apple certainly made ripples in bringing
Sci-fi movies have long predicted immortality through the integration of humans and technology. As the internet of things continues to