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Cyber-security has become an increasing concern in recent years. Between hacks that bring down big networks such as Xbox Live and the
Courtesy of Bestbuy.com Today, Best Buy announced they are going rogue and supporting Apple Pay; despite a conflicting affiliation. First, they have
When any new device hits the market the race is on to find every little defect. This was not different
When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit the market, a few owners reported that their phone would bend after
Beats headphones have taken the world by storm. Earbuds are slowly becoming a thing of the past and high quality
Kaspersky Lab, an organization dedicated to the cyber-security of the world, has shed some additional light on a current cyber-security threat
Everyone loves free stuff. Trust me, I saw hundreds of people at E3 moving from booth to booth looking for
The ongoing conundrum of smartwatches and battery life continues. According to 9to5Mac, a source involved in the development of the Apple
With today’s technology, our lives are becoming increasingly automated everyday. But for many of us, manually turning on WiFi or