Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The rumors continue to swirl regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6, the latest being that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

According to Business Insider, the first Galaxy S6 will have a metal body design, which many enthusiasts agree would be a step in the right direction for Samsung. Now the question is, will the Galaxy S6 have a full metal body, or have metal accents like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha? The answer to that question is currently unknown, but  there have been a few leaked images which you can find in our “Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak Reveals Metal Body” article which indicate that Galaxy S6 may have a full metal body.

The second S6 that Samsung will release (according to a source of Business Insider) will feature a curved edge, just like the Galaxy Note edge. For those who are unfamiliar with the Note Edge, this smartphone features a curved border that displays different icons and widgets. 

In 2015, Samsung was reportedly going to reduce the amount of smartphone models they manufacture by up to 30%. In order to cut models by that percentage, Samsung would need to reduce their production from 56 models to about 39. With Samsung supposedly releasing two Galaxy S6 models (while trying to cut down on the amount of smartphone models they release), it’s possible that Samsung may choose to eliminate the Samsung%20Galaxy S5 Mini G800H 16GB HSPA+ Unlocked GSM Quad-Core Smartphone – Charcoal BlackMini, Samsung%20Galaxy S5 Sport, Electric Blue 16GB (Sprint)Sport, Samsung%20Galaxy S5 Active, Titanium Gray 16GB (AT&T)Active, and Samsung%20Galaxy S5 SM-G900A 16GB 4G LTE AT&T GSM Unlocked Smartphone – WhiteLTE-Advanced models like they did for the Galaxy S5. Or they may focus on Galaxy S and Note models and do away with other phone models such as the Samsung%20Galaxy Alpha G850F 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Octa-Core Smartphone – Charcoal BlackAlpha, Samsung%20Galaxy Mega, Black 16GB (AT&T)Mega, and Samsung%20Galaxy Avant – No Contract – (T-Mobile)Avant models. 

Being a Samsung enthusiast myself, I would like to see Samsung take an “Apple” approach and focus on how to make one or two phones perfect rather than trying to make everyone happy by creating a smartphone for every week of the year. 

As competition has increased over the years, Samsung has seen their market share and operating profits drop. According to Gartner, a research firm, in 2013 Samsung sold 80.4 million smartphones which consumed 32.1% of the market share. However, in 2014, Samsung saw a decrease with only 24.4% of the market share by selling 73.2 million smartphones. Samsung knows they need to make some changes when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S6 to make up for their somewhat disappointing Galaxy S5. While I think that implementing a metal body will put them in the right direction, I am not sold on a curved edge model.

Samsung will likely unveil the Samsung Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in March. We will be anxiously awaiting Samsung’s unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Let us know your thoughts. Is Samsung going in the right direction by implementing a metal body with their Samsung Galaxy S6? Do you think reducing the number of models will help increase their revenue? Let us know in the comment section below.