We at TechSmash take your privacy very seriously. We would never sell your information nor do anything unethical with it. We do, however, want to understand you better so that we can provide you better and more relevant content. Like just about every other site out there, we use Google Analytics. We want to make sure you understand how we’re using it and how you can choose to opt out.

What does Google Analytics record?

Google Analytics allows us to gather anonymous information that lets us know a little bit about you and the way that you use our site such as:

  • How you got to our site
  • What pages you view
  • The device that you’re using
  • Some demographic information

All of our use of the data adheres to Google Analytics Terms of Service

How do we use the data?

  • To provide more relevant content
  • To understand our traffic sources and better grow the TechSmash community
  • Place advertising that is more likely to interest you
  • To let advertisors know the type people that comes to our site so that they can know whether or not advertising with us is going to generate the return on investment they are looking for.

Google’s policy and opting out

To see Google’s overall privacy policy, it can be viewed at the link below:

Google’s Privacy and Terms

You can choose to opt out of Google’s Analytics. To opt-out, download the browser plugin here.

As you can probably tell from this page, we’re not attorneys nor professionals at writing legal jargon. Just know that we protect your privacy and are doing this to better provide you content and advertise to you, which is what keeps the lights on here at TechSmash. You don’t want TechSmash to die do you? Food for thought.