The streaming stick from Amazon has proven its fire this past week. (See our original article that explains the device details) Apparently, demand for the new device has far outweighed Amazon’s projections leading to being on backorder until mid-January. According to the product page on, “Due to popular demand, orders placed today are expected to arrive after January 15, 2015.”

As reported by CNET,  according to an Amazon Spokesperson, those who have already pre-ordered a device will receive it on time. Additionally, traditional retail outlets will also have devices for sale on its release date: November 19th.

We can also validate the demand and interest in the device as our article announcing the new Fire Stick that was released earlier this week has received more pages views than any other article written on TechSmash in the history of time! That’s pretty incredible.

If you missed that article, the Fire Stick is a ChromeCast competitor, allowing you to view your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, through a small dongle like device. What differentiates the Fire Stick is that it is a standalone device that comes with a remote, meaning you won’t need a smart phone to use it. (Though you can control it with a smart phone) Additionally, it has exponentially more games, a stronger processor, and 4 times the memory.

It is apparent that these differentiating factors have struck a chord with consumers. You can pre-order your device on Amazon now, or go get in line at Best Buy in preparation for its release on November 19th. (Don’t really do that, demand isn’t that high)