Lately, we here at TechSmash have noticed the trend among companies creating wearable fitness tech. Whether this has to do with the growing movement toward a healthier lifestyle, or a way to better show off on Instagram and Facebook, is up for debate.

Wearable fitness tech is currently able to track how active you are, and also provides  the ability to enter your caloric intake through different apps on your smartphone or tablet. Some of these products include the Fitbit%20Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, BlackFitBit, Nike+%20Fuelband SENike Fuelband, and the Microsoft Band. Although all of these devices have some great features for individuals looking to track and understand their fitness level, researchers at University of Alabama are working on a device that would allow you to track exactly what you eat, without the hassle of entering what you eat into an app.

Automatic Ingenstion Monitor

So, how will this be done? Well, through a hearing aid-like device called the Automatic Ingestion Monitor, or AIM. This device will take images of the food that you eat, then analyze that food to determine what is being consumed. The AIM will also determine how much food is being consumed as well as the amount of calories being ingested.

The device can’t tell you your physical activities through the day, but will work alongside a fitness tracker. This way, the individual wearing the technology can better understand how to properly balance their food intake alongside their physical activity.

While the technology is certainly a great idea that has potential to battle against our nation’s obesity issue, it will definitely take a few design upgrades before the general public is going to put this device in their ear on a regular basis. Maybe if they could double this as a Bluetooth headset for your phone then it may not look nearly as awkward. In the meantime, I vote that they hire Michael Bastion and have him design gen two of the device. Maybe it will give me sexy irresistible ears.  

Would you purchase this Bluetooth like headset to better understand your eating habits? Or does the device look to awkward to wear around your friends? Tell us in the comment section below.