Windows 10

Windows is hard at work on their next iteration of Windows. A new leaked video has shown off a variety of new features. Some highlights include the inclusion of Cortana (Siri’s nemesis), the search bar being active by default, a Windows Support app, and the ability to play Xbox games on your PC. (Okay that last one is merely speculation, but it definitely appears that the new Windows will give you the ability to purchase Xbox games on the PC) Take a look at the leaked video below:

Time will tell whether this feature will simply sync with your Xbox and download the game to your system, or actually allow you to emulate the Xbox. It is unlikely that it will emulate and allow you to play Xbox games as the majority of consumer PCs on the market are still functioning on only 4 GB of ram which is only half of the ram in the Xbox One. Additionally, Xbox games are optimized for its specific CPU and GPU; making emulation even more challenging; Xbox 360 games on the other hand…

The Microsoft Support app looks pretty interesting with the ability to connect with a Microsoft Support rep and troubleshoot your issues. Hopefully, this will also enable easier remotely accessing your computer to quickly fix issues. It’s worth noting that the feature did not work in the video, which is to be expected considering the app has not been released yet. I know I wouldn’t release a herd of gerbals onto a gerbal wheel powered Nerf gun. Quite the waste of power.

Also revealed was a new camera app and photos app that both seem to be merging what we’ve come to expect with photos on our mobile devices and our desktop expectations in Windows Photo Viewer. The User Interface (UI) and style of the Windows has changed as well, ditching transparent program windows for a more sleek solid color of your choice. (Yes, you can now choose Macaroni and Cheese as the default color of your Window’s Bars)

I love the new interface and can’t wait to get back the Start “Menu” as opposed to the Start “Screen.” As great as it was for touch, it lacked organization without effective folders and was horrible to use with a mouse. Thank you Microsoft for following the old mantra of: Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. I admire your desire to innovate and introduce touch to your interface. However, I think I’ll quite like touching the old school start menu. 

In my excitement for the new interface, I’ve decided to design my own proposed interface for Windows 10. See it below!

Windows 10

Incredible eh? (Sarcasm: in case you don’t recognize that as Windows XP) What do you think of the proposed changes? Are you excited Microsoft is getting back to what we all love about Windows? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.