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Microsoft has done a great job marketing their Windows 10 upgrade, although that’s pretty easy to do when the cost of the upgrade is free for most windows users. A month ago, Microsoft said the upgrade will be available on July 29th. This is technically true; however, the vast majority of users will not be a part of the July 29th release.

According to a blog post, Microsoft will be rolling out their Windows 10 update in phases. Since the update will be installed on over one billion devices, Microsoft must control how and when the upgrade will be available to its users.

Starting on July 29, we will start rolling out Windows 10 to our Windows Insiders. From there, we will start notifying reserved systems in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29th. Each day of the roll-out, we will listen, learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users.

For those of you who have reserved a copy of Windows 10, Microsoft will notify you when the upgrade is available for your device.

Windows 10

Many, including myself, have been nervously anticipating the release of Windows 10. While Windows 8 was not completely a bust, there are many who have not liked the new experience of Windows 8. Those who were familiar with past Windows operating systems (which is everybody!) had to learn how to navigate through the new Windows 8 OS. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks!

Windows 10 brings back many of the features from Windows 7 and Vista that we are accustomed to. For example, the start menu is back with additional features. Imagine a Windows 7 start menu that incorporates Windows 8 apps pinned to it. Genius!

The first time I used Windows 8, it took me a while to get used to using the Windows Start Screen. While the start screen has some great features, I still find myself navigating to the desktop to perform most of my tasks. Now Windows 10 will boot right to the desktop and allow you to stay there. Since Windows 10 will be optimized for a number of devices, a new feature called Continuum will detect what type of device you are using. Continuum will then adjust Windows 10 to provide the best experience for the device it’s running on.

What I am most excited for is Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s new web browser that I hope will be massively improved from the now-thankfully-deceased Internet Explorer. As expected, Microsoft has indicated how improved Edge is over Explorer, but we will have to wait and see for ourselves.

Sadly, Microsoft has not provided additional details regarding how long they think it will take to roll out Windows 10 to their Windows Insiders. With that said, if history is any indication, I wouldn’t expect to receive the update for at least a month after the initial roll-out.  

What are your thoughts? What are you most excited for with the release of Windows 10? Let us know in the comment section below.