Google Clause has been good this year.

App updates are like Christmas in July. They come out of nowhere and bring you unexpected gifts. It seems Google Clause and his reindeer have put Android fans on the nice list this March as a new update has been rolled out for the Android Gmail app. As the holidays bring together begrudging family members, Gmail’s new update allows you to unify your Microsoft, Yahoo, and other Gmail frienemies into a single interface. Let’s just hope that Microsoft doesn’t steal Google’s milk and cookies in the process.


A Unified Inbox

How is this possible? One of the major improvements of the app is its new unified inbox. By selecting the “All Inboxes” view, Google compiles the messages from all signed-in email accounts into a single view. Gone are the days of switching between each account to view all your emails. (This is an excellent feature as I constantly bounce between 4+ email accounts.)


Non-Gmail Threaded Messages

Additionally, the new update brings one of Google’s strongest features to non-Gmail inboxes: threaded emails. In Google’s words, “Now messages from your Yahoo, and other IMAP/POP accounts will get the same special treatment, appearing neatly stacked as one conversation.” Without getting too political, this is equality at its best; a welcome addition.


Search Optimization

The company that changed searching the internet for the better is bringing their expertise to the inbox. Now, the app can finish your sentence better than your psychic twin when you’re searching your inbox, with its improved auto-complete feature. 

The list doesn’t end there. There are a few other optimizations that you can read about on Google’s blog postoutlining the update. Their update will roll out over the course of the next few days on Android device. While nothing has been explicitly announced for the iOS version of the app, it’s likely Google will follow their regular cycle of first supporting their own devices and then branching out to third-party devices. 

What are your thoughts on the Gmail update? Let us know in the comments below.