Smart watches have been making headlines on a regular basis as of late. Between HP hiring a fashion designer to design the HP Chronowing to Apple announcing the Apple Watch; it’s clear that the industry is convinced that smart watches are here to stay.

Sony SMart Watch

Sony has developed an entirely different kind of smart watch. This watch doesn’t connect to your smart phone and provide you with notifications nor online interactions. The watch is smart in the world of fashion. Made of ePaper, the watch can change design of both the face and strap. If you glance at the headline image, those are all the same watch with different smart designs.

Additionally, this smart watch has a battery life of up to 60 days which is significantly better than any other smart watch on the market. Though it’s hard to compare considering Sony chose not to include any other smart functionality such as simple notifications and text messaging.

Companies continue to attempt to create compelling reasons to have a smart watches when your phone is within pocket’s reach. This uphill battle is complemented by the challenge of finding the balance between style and functionality to gain mainstream adoption.

As we find a happy medium between price, features, and style; the smart watch has potential to take on the typical consumer and watch enthusiast alike. While I’m not quite sold yet, I’m confident that some killer features in the future will provide more compelling reasons than we have now to purchase a smart watch. You can even check out some of our opinions on smart watches in a recent episode of The Smashcast.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s new watch? Do you dig its style? How about the ability to express yourself differently on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments below!